UNSMIL Meets Representatives of Ghadames and Awal on Reconciliation Roadmap

February 8, 2018

As part of the project “Towards National Reconciliation in Libya”, representatives from the local council of Awal (Tuareg) and the city of Ghadames met with United Nations officials to discuss advancing cohesion and harmony between the two communities. In 2011, conflict erupted between the two communities resulting in casualties and damages on both sides.

The representatives stressed the need for a comprehensive reconciliation process to be implemented in Ghadames with the support of UNSMIL and in close partnership with the civil society in the city.

The proposed “roadmap” will include measures to document human rights violations committed during the conflict, an assessment of property damages, and clear mechanisms for accountability, reparations and truth seeking. Awareness-raising campaigns and outreach programs will also be conducted to promote social cohesion in the city.

UNSMIL and UNDP will provide support to these reconciliation initiatives through capacity-building activities, training and technical expertise.