Central bank of Libya organizes workshop on economic reform.

February 5, 2018

Governor of Central Bank of
Libya, Al sadiq Al Kabier opened Saturday a workshop on economic and
financial reform in Libya. In his opening address, the governor said
Central Bank of Libya in partnership with the Presidency Council laid
down a package of reforms and policies to remedy deformities of the
Libyan economy. He also noted the remarkable increase of the state
revenues for 2017, exceeding 13 billion dollars.
In the context of the workshop, he said the Central Bank relies
on Libyan university professors and youth for partnership for the
success of salvaging the economy and addressing the impact of the
financial crisis which swept the country during the past era,
stressing that the bank is pressing ahead with the economic reform.
The Governor called on all Libyan institutions to work together
to end obstacles before the economic and financial reform which has
become a pressing necessity and foremost the end of political
divisions and their consequent security breaches and other negative
consequences. He expressed hope that this year would witness genuine
launch of economic and financial reforms and remarkable improvement
to alleviate the brunt of the crisis.
The workshop included three sessions during which scholarly
papers were presented and expected to end up with recommendations to
be presented to the relevant authorities concerned with the reform
The workshop was attended by several members of the House of
Representatives, High State Council, Presidency Council ministers,
dean of Libyan faculties and universities and their teaching staff.