Libyan authorities demand Greece to provide update on seized ship

January 13, 2018

Libyan Foreign Ministry on Friday demanded Greece to provide the latest investigation information about a Libyan ship carrying explosives materials that the Greek Coast Guards seized while sailing from Turkey to Libya.

'The Foreign Ministry is following with interest the news about the ship seized in Greece carrying containers of materials used in manufacture of explosives after leaving Turkish ports to Libya, specifically to the city of Misurata,' the ministry said in a statement.

'The ministry is alarmed by the news, if correct,' the statement said, noting that the ministry had contacted the foreign ministries of Turkey and Greece 'to verify this issue.'

'The ministry calls on Greek authorities to provide it with all new developments of their investigations,' it said.

The ministry condemned 'any attempts seeking to harm Libya in any way.'

Greek Coast Guards announced on Wednesday that they seized a ship flying the flag of Tanzania and carrying materials used to make explosives while sailing to Libya.

The ship's cargo policy indicates that the cargo was loaded at the Turkish ports of Mersin and Iskenderun and was headed to Djibouti and Oman.

However, Greek Coast Guards said preliminary investigation showed that the ship's captain had received orders from the ship's owner to sail to the Libyan city of Misurata to unload the entire cargo.