President of Presidency Council Holds Talks With UN Undersecretary General.

January 11, 2018

The President of the Presidency
Council of the Government of National Accord held talks with the UN
Undersecretary for Political Affairs Jeffery Feltman. The talks were
attended by the UN Special Envoy to Libya Ghasan Salama, and on the
Libyan side by the Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Lutfi Al Mogherbi
and the Head of the Presidency Council's Political Adviser Al Taher
Al Suni.
According to the Council's Information Office Feltman has
applauded the Presidency Council effort to restore stability to the
country and promote reconciliation among Libyans.
On his part Al Serraj said the visit reflected the attention the
UN was giving to stability in Libya and that the issue is getting the
attention it deserved.
the President of the Presidency Council said he supported the
roadmap presented by Ghasan Salama and called for bigger role for
international institutions to assist the GNA to face challenges
Feltman indicated that the UN was prepared to do more to help the
Government of Libya, saying time has come for Libya to move forward
towards stability through elections which he said he hoped would be
held this year.