Debts of foreign treatment has reached LYD 1.2 billion, Health Minister declares

December 21, 2017

Health Minister of Presidential Council, Omar Al-Taher, has confirmed that Libya's accumulated debts related to medical treatment abroad are estimated at about 1.2 billion Libyan dinars.

'These debts have been accumulated and inflated because of the lack of accurate legal documents in the treatment procedures abroad, in addition to other problems related to the patients.” He said.

Speaking to Xinhua, Al-Taher added that the aboard treatment cases have been a major stumbling block to the health ministry, demanding the transfer of this file to another ministry.

He justified his demand by stating that the health ministry has enough burdens to deal with, especially with the shortage of medicines and vaccinations, in addition to the difficulties faced by public hospitals.

He also noted that several countries that received Libyan patients are demanding payment of the accumulated debts.

'This requires a re-check of the invoices and accounts, although funds have been allocated for the payment of these reimbursements recently.' He concluded.