Roads to Libya's Sharara, Al-Feel oilfields blocked by southern youths group

October 8, 2017

Southern Libyan youths group called 'Enough Silence' has blocked all the roads leading to the key oilfields of Sharara and Al-Feel in protest of bad living conditions in the region.

'No tank trucks, cars, vehicles and people will be allowed to pass on those roads.' The group said in a statement Saturday.

It also called on the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and the workers at the two oilfields to work from the inside to help grant them their demands.

'Our demands haven't been answered and the last of which was last Thursday, when we agreed in a meeting but then nothing happened.' The group remarked.

The group includes young men from Ubari, Al-Ghariga, and Bent Beh, threatened to organize a civil disobedience inside the fields if the NOC did not take action regarding their demands.

'We are not responsible for any sabotage acts that the young men would do to the oilfields after they become impatient over the protraction of the government.' It added.

The NOC announced last Wednesday the resumption of oil production at Sharara field after lifting the force mejeure on crude exports from Al-Zawiya port.

'Libya has lost more than $27 million in two days of closure at Sharara oilfield.' The NOC added.

Brigade 30 of the Defense Ministry claimed closing the field last Sunday.