March 21, 2018

New Global Survey Points to Key Issues, Needs and Gaps in Fight to End Smoking

(AETOS Wire) -- The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World released findings today from a global survey to better understand smokers, their experiences, and challenges they face when they try to quit smoking. The survey also highlights their awareness regarding the harm caused by smoking and how their perceptions of cigarettes, alternative products, and nicotine influence their motivation to move away from smoking. The data will shape the development of research to determine the best solutions to accelerate the end of smoking across diverse cultures and economic conditions. The 2018 State of Smoking Survey included 17,421 current smokers, ex-smokers,......


March 20, 2018

Emirates Rehabilitation & Homecare Opens a New Branch in Jumeirah

Emirates Healthcare company, a leading global healthcare provider and a member of the Abu Dhabi-based investment group, KBBO, has announced the inauguration of Emirates Rehabilitation & Homecare (ERHC).

The new facility, established as part of Emirate Healthcare company’s"...


March 20, 2018

Favorable safety profile of Pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate) confirmed in large prospective real-world analysis

  • Complete Phase II results from the prospective GLORIATM-AF registry in dabigatran patients presented as a late-breaker at the EHRA 2018, the annual congress of the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA)1
  • Low rates of major bleeding and stroke observed for dabigatran patients1
  • Long-term safety data1,2 highly consistent with other...


March 19, 2018

FDA grants Fast Track designation to nintedanib for the treatment of systemic sclerosis with associated interstitial lung disease

  • Fast Track designation facilitates development of new therapies that treat serious conditions and fulfill an unmet medical need
  • The designation is based on the Investigational New Drug Application for SSc-ILD and the anticipated efficacy and safety data from the Phase III SENSCIS™ trial



March 18, 2018

The absence of ants: Entomologist confirms first Saharan farming 10,000 years ago

By analysing a prehistoric site in the Libyan desert, a team of researchers from the universities of Huddersfield, Rome and Modena & Reggio Emilia has been able to establish that people in Saharan Africa were cultivating and storing wild cereals 10,000 years ago. In addition to revelations"...


March 17, 2018

Evacuated women from Libya arrive newly-pregnant

Traumatised women arriving in Niger to then seek further refuge in Europe and elsewhere are demanding HIV testing after facing brutal abuse in Libyan detention centres.

'All the women that we evacuate from"...


March 16, 2018

Nocturia: the most common cause of a poor night’s sleep, say experts on World Sleep Day

  • Nocturia, the need to wake to urinate more than once in the night, is the most common cause of sleep disruption in adults of all ages.1,2
  • The condition is associated with loss of deep sleep, disruption of daytime functioning and reduced productivity and alertness.3,4,5
  • In rare cases, nocturia may also be a symptom of a serious health...


March 15, 2018

UK, WHO launch two-year project to enhance Libya healthcare sector

The Libyan Ministry of Health in cooperation with the UK and the World Health Organization (WHO) launched on Tuesday a two-year project to develop healthcare centers in Libya.

The project was launched during a"...


March 15, 2018

Ferring Announces Positive Outcome of European Decentralised Procedure (DCP) for Testavan®, a Treatment for Men with Hypogonadism

  • Testavan® expands treatment options for men with hypogonadism, a condition which causes low levels of testosterone and which may adversely affect quality of life and sexual function1-3
  • Men treated with Testavan achieved normalised testosterone levels after three months, with improvements in quality of life and fatigue scores, and an increase...


March 14, 2018

Libya: ARVS Shortage Hits Conflict-Torn Libya

AT least one person has died of HIV/AIDS complications and seven others admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) as a result of shortages of anti-retroviral (ARVs) medicines in Libya.

The crisis has been reported"...


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